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Evaporator / Sputter - CHA Industries

About CHA Industries

 Founded in 1954, under the name CARL HERRMAN ASSOCIATES, CHA Industries is a privately held company. CHA Industries is headquartered in Fremont, California, with sales through Domestic and International representatives.

 In addition to inventing the Mark 50, the industry workhorse, CHA Industries pioneered the development of planetary filtering. From that foundation of know-how, the company continues to design, manufacture and offer a variety of planetary, lift-off and flip filtering for multiple applications.

Points of Difference

1. Dual Operation (Evaporation & Sputtering)

2. Excellent Film Uniformity with Moving Substrate (Planetary & Lift-Off Dome)

3. Excellent Vacuum Recovery Time (Mark50: within 25 minutes up to 10-7torr)

4. The load lock chamber allows the dome to be removed without breaking the vacuum. (Criterion)

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CHA Mark 50 is the industry standard in deposition systems.

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Laser Marking System - InnoLas Semiconductor GmbH

About InnoLas Semiconductor GmbH

 InnoLas Semiconductor, Germany, was established in 1995 and is supplying Laser Marking System to the world's leading device makers and wafer manufacturers.

 In particular, we adopted Nanio Laser developed by InnoLas Laser Co., Ltd. and succeeded in improving throughput by 50% with Dual Arm. In addition, it is designed with a compact size footprint, so space is excellent.

Points of Difference

1. 50% improvement in throughput by adopting Dual Arm (3000 DPS HT Model)

2. Marking on all materials from 2 ”to 450mm (select laser type)

3. Cost down effect due to longer life span of laser diode compared to lamp

4. Front side / Back side marking at the same time (Option)

5. Provide ISO 3 Mini Environment

Wafer Metrology Solution - E+H Metrology GmbH

About E+H Metrology

 E+H was founded in 1968 and offers since 1978, for more than 35 years now, a wide variety of measurement tools for the Semiconductor and PV in process control and laboratory characterization.

 Contactless metrology tools for 1" up to 450mm Wafers consisting out of Silicon, Quartz, Sapphire etc, but also solutions for other materials such as plastic displays are available.

 Most metrology tools can be integrated into our own full automated wafer handling solutions (belt driven, robot).

Points of Difference

1. Sensing Type: Contactless capacitive distance sensor

2. Provides short lead time and accurate quality result

3. Hard / Soft ware optimized customization for each application

4. Higher price competitiveness than competitors

5. Long life tool and system, but few maintenance except consumable parts

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Robot sorters for Wafers up to 450mm

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Thermal Imaging System - Microsanj

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NT310 & NTIR310

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About Microsanj

 Microsanj is focused on the development of systems, products, and services for microelectronic and optoelectronic device and circuit thermal design and characterization.

 The Microsanj engineering team is continuously working on the development of product enhancements and alternative thermal image analyzer configurations to meet requirements ranging from; general purpose production testing and quality assurance to higher resolution systems with pico-second transient capability for more advanced research in the areas of nanodevice and defect thermal characterization.

Points of Difference

- Analyze static & time-dependent thermal behavior of active devices.

  • 250 nm Spatial resolution
  • 800 ps Transient response
  • 0.1 ⁰C Thermal resolution
  • Full field thermal images
  • Pixel by pixel calibration
  • VisibleIR: Dual Mode IR + TR
  • 15 mK Sensitivity in IR Mode
  • User-Friendly SanjVIEW™ Operating system

- Applicable for …

  • GaN RF & 5G devices
  • Neuromorphic devices
  • Phase change materials
  • High speed logic ICs
  • Ultra-wide bandgap devices
  • ESD devices
  • Photo cells, etc.

- Get thermal results for …

  • Thermal modeling
  • Thermal design verification
  • Performance
  • Optimization
  • Process monitoring
  • Heat sink integrity
  • Quality assurance & failure analysis

Slip Finder System - Hologenix

About Hologenix

 In the early 90s, Hologenix developed Wafer Surface Inspection technology called Magic Mirror, which used this superior technology in QA / QC of major silicon suppliers and many integrated device manufacturers.

 Afterwards, Slip Finder (Optical Detection System), which detects various types of Slip Lines that are often found in Epi Growing, was developed with Magic Mirror technology. It is in use by many Wafer manufacturers.

Points of Difference

1. Detection of Sub Micron Defect

2. High Speed ​​Optical Metrology

3. Full Automation up to 300mm Wafer

4. Detects various types of defects such as crystal dislocations besides slip


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