About Us

History – established in 2007

Business Capability

  • Professional organization : 100 employees

    - 5 master-level professional consultants

    - 90 software engineers

    - 4 electric and mechanical engineers for sensor connectivity

  • Business knowledge and experience

    - Knowledge and experience of manufacturing process, manufacturing execution, quality control and management, process control, facility management, and yield management in high technology industries

    - Knowledge and experience of semiconductor process equipment through manufacturing automation and developing equipment diagnosis system.

  • Experience and expertise of IT

    - Architecture of the information and automation system

    - Building and maintaining the information and automation system

    - Major programming technologies (C #, Java Script, Java, R & Python, C ++, etc)

    - Major DBMS technologies (Oracle, MSsql, PostgreSQL)

  • Knowledge and experience of sensor / field connection for Industrial IoT

    - Various kinds of sensors (Digital & Analog) installation, communication, data collection

    - Various sensor built-in tool can be manufactured on site


  • Global Major Semiconductor Device Manufacturers

  • Global Major LCD / OLED Display Panel Manufacturer

  • Cutting Edge PCB Board Manufacturers

  • Mechanical & Electric Parts Manufacturers

  • Semiconductor & Display Production Equipment Manufacturers

  • Semiconductor Facility Equipment Manufacturers