AI Solution

AI Bigdata Analisys
   Enssel pursues automation of various big data analysis.
  Enssel has developed an automatic analysis system by connecting state-of-the-art semiconductor yield characteristic big data to the equipment FDC big data and wafer measurement big data. Accordingly, we are expanding the scope of analysis by analyzing with new insights that have not been discovered ever.
  The algorithms adopted are RNN and LSTM, and partially CNN is also used.
AI Machine Vision
   Today, inspection work, whether manufacturing or distributing, is still performed by a large number of human workers, and productivity is not high, defect detection is insufficient, and worker's eye health is threatened.
  Enssel develops and supplies machine vision devices based on artificial intelligence(AI) and pursues improvement on productivity of inspection process, inspection pass rate and work safety.
  CNN, LSTM and RNN are adopted as AI algorithm.
Collaboration Tool Solution
  Enssel provides Digital Platform solutions to help team members work smoothly without space limitations.
  t is provided as a social media style and has built-in artificial intelligence support function to secure improved work performance of workers. At the same time, we pursue improvement on teamwork and job satisfaction by helping to carry out clear and enjoyable work.
Computer Remote Administration Tool
  Enssel provides a computer remote management tool solution that automatically checks the status of multiple remotely distributed server computers and personal computers, and automatically distributes application programs at the desired time.
  We pursue improvement on computer stability, work productivity, and security by operating functions to prevent information leakage.