AI & RTLS Solutions
for Smart Factory Enterprise

AI Based Smart Factory Platform

About AI Based Smart Factory Platform

Non-skilled people can follow the analysis process of experts by learning FDC, YMS, EPM UI and Factory Big Data based on ML / DL (machine learning, deep learning) of Prediction System provided through Enssel AI Agent.

Advantages & Points of Difference

1. Improving Process Capability (* Cpk): Over 20%
2. Process quality improvement: 30% or more
3. Rework (Rework) ratio: improved than 30%
4. Disposal (Scrap) ratio: 90% or more improvement
5. Reduced process costs: save over $ 10M
6. Reduce development and maintenance costs

FDC(Fault Detection & Classification) Platform

Advantages & Points of Difference

1. Equipped with Anomaly Detection model using deep learning method
2. Find out which parameter of a plant is causing the low yield, not just a simple LOT yield forecast
2. Composed of 1D-CNN and LSTM composite network
3. Human Level Performance Orientation
4. Present analysis guidelines to FDC skilled and unskilled

RTLS (Real Time Location tracking System)

About RTLS

stands for Real-Time Locating System and describes a solution that enables locating people and objects outdoors as well as indoors in real-time. The determination of a location is the basis for a variety of applications. These include indoor navigation, tracking, analyses and location-based services.

Main features

- Accurate location identification: within 10cm
- 2D, 3D Electronic MAP and Augmented Reality Technology
- Communication up to 50M indoor and 100M outdoor (planar), height can be measured
- The installation interval between anchors depends on the environment (noise, obstacles, etc.)
- The provision of Mobile-based Smart Factory Environment