Smart Factory Solution

Enssel supplies solutions that innovate productivity and quality in the manufacturing industry, encompassing production, technology, quality, logistics and sales operations.
We contribute to the development of customers by providing optimal solutions according to their needs and circumstances.
In addition, by providing maintenance services from IT build to the global advanced semiconductor and display industries, we contribute to securing and maintaining global top competitiveness.

MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

About MES

 MES connects, monitors and controls complex manufacturing systems and data flows on the factory floor to ensure effective execution of the manufacturing operations and improve production output with

  • Seamless integration of production planning and scheduling, manufacturing execution and material control for both equipment- and process-control systems
  • Better factory performance from optimizing material throughput to reduce cycle time and improve line balance and on-time delivery

EES (Equipment Engineering System)

About EES

 EES is the comprehensive suite of systems for a set of Equipment Engineering Capabilities (EEC), which refers to all operations for the availability, process capability, equipment performance, and maintenance of equipment. EEC-related applications include FDC and R2R and RMS and EPT, which play a major role in improving OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) and equipment optimization that reduces scrap and improves processes and yields. To acquire engineering data from equipment in real time and manipulation and analysis of them are also necessary to build EES.

  • FDC - fault detection and classification
  • R2R - run-to-run process control for production
  • RMS - equipment recipe management system
  • EPT – equipment performance tracking system

QMS (Quality Management System)

About QMS

 QMS(QDMS & SPC) development services provide to continuously manage the processes at the manufacturing site and to innovate quality throughout the manufacturing area.

  • QDMS - Quality Data Management System
  • SPC - Statistical Process Control

YMS (Yield Management System)

About YMS

 YMS acquires technical data from products, manipulates and analyzes them, and finally ultimately reinforces as a result of it.

  • As the semiconductor industry is moving towards de facto standard of defects per billion from defects per million, manufacturing of complex products requires collecting and analyzing large data sets, deducing trends, and gaining insights about outliers that can hamper enhancing product yield.
  • Product data analysis and yield improvement is becoming one of the most important tool in every manufacturing.

Equipment Online Interface & Industrial IoT

About Equipment Online Interface & Industrial IoT

 As one of the core elements of the Smart Factory, the capabilities of collecting data from the various sources in real time are very crucial and important.

  • SECS (Semicon. Equip. Communication Standard)
  • FieldBus (DeviceNet, EtherCat, RS485) & PLC
  • Analog Sensor & digital sensor IoT Connectivity

RTLS (Real Time Location tracking System)

About RTLS

 stands for Real-Time Locating System and describes a solution that enables locating people and objects outdoors as well as indoors in real-time. The determination of a location is the basis for a variety of applications. These include indoor navigation, tracking, analyses and location-based services.

  • Accurate location identification: within 10cm
  • 2D, 3D Electronic MAP and Augmented Reality Technology
  • Communication up to 50M indoor and 100M outdoor (planar), height can be measured
  • The installation interval between anchors depends on the environment (noise, obstacles, etc.)
  • The provision of Mobile-based Smart Factory Environment