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CADiS Platform

About CADiS

CADiS is a software platform that diagnoses, analyzes, predicts, and feedbacks results for optimal production and quality control from real-time data acquired from equipment and sensors.

It is proudly released based on IoT and Big Data technologies to comply with the strong demands for Smart Factory which is the essential strategy and goal in manufacturing industries in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Main features

- To acquire and manage IoT status and data in real-time
- Easy to use, easy maintenance
- Analysis, diagnostics, prediction, feedback in real-time


Enhance manufacturing quality,
Enhance manufacturing speed,
Support production of the desired amount of consistently,
Enhance manufacturers’ customer satisfaction

FineMachine Solution

About FineMachine

FineMachine is a smart machine software platform for real-time diagnosis, automatic analysis, automatic discrimination, and automatic feedback by directly extracting big data of all sensor parameters from cutting edge high technology equipment installed in production sites, released in keeping with the intelligence of various industrial devices and autonomous operation technology.

Main features

1. Enhance equipment performance and quality with faults and abnormal detection and feedback by specific logic and algorithm to individual equipment.

2 Big data analysis and diagnostic with advanced algorithm beyond common statistical processing logic , taking advantage of R and Python packages.

prediction, feedback in real-time

3. To acquire data and integrate them from whole sensors of cutting edge high technology equipment and individually installed advanced external sensors.

4. Features

  • Calculate and setting thousands of specification automatically
  • Real-time sensor parameter data monitoring and warning
  • Historical sensor parameter data monitoring and analysis
  • Analysis sensor parameter data in various view points
  • Pattern analysis sensor parameter
  • Real-time process capability analysis
  • Multiple parameter analysis
  • Virtual parameter analysis
  • Anomaly detection and warning