IT Infra. HW/SW

Server / Storage / Workstation

Enssel is the official partner of DELL Technology.

Start your transformation and realize your future as a digital organization.

Modernize with IT infrastructure including servers, storage, data protection, converged and hyperconverged solutions from Dell EMC.

Give your workforce the power to perform their best with transformative PCs and displays from Dell.

Vmware / VDI

Enssel is the official partner of DELL Technology.

Dell EMC Ready Architectures for VDI.
Enhance productivity with secure virtual desktop solutions that are quick and easy to implement.

Industrial PC

Unlike regular Office Automation (OA) PCs, industrial PCs are useful for industrial use.

Internal specifications and operating system (OS) are not different from normal OA PCs, but the stability of parts and long-term product life are considered to be long-term use.

The product can be selected according to the environment used.

It can be classified according to the case used.

Infra Service

Support Services
Maximize productivity and uptime with smart technology and IT support experts.

Managed Services
Transform the IT experience with advanced technologies and global expertise.

Services Technology
Proactively manage support and services with adaptive AI and data-driven technologies.